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快来看(nba球星爱好)nba球星性格,NBA 球员都有哪些特殊的爱好?,

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Thanks for inviting!

After I had to go in for surgery in May (dont worry Im fine now), I was kind of back to square one for a bit in terms of the rehab. Stuck in a boot, not very mobile. But that did give me a chance to do a little gaming, you know, my avocation.

Like everyone else, Ive become a little obsessed with Fortnite.

I have to admit, I was kind of late to the party with this one.

In fact, I was definitely a Fortnite hater at first. I didnt want to get into the game. I felt like it was too slow. There wasnt enough action. I was playing a lot of Overwatch and big into the Overwatch League (which I still do follow a lot). Also, I was invited to be the commentator of the League of Legends Final in Boston last year, very interesting experience.

But every one of my friends was playing Fortnite, and they finally got me to get on it a little bit. And now Im addicted. If you were to ask Robyn, she would say, "Hes addicted."


Im a natural gamer, so once I got into it, I was pretty good pretty fast. Ive got natural, good instincts. Ive played a lot of Overwatch, so FPS shooters are pretty easy for me to pick up. I love playing games like that. I recently did an event with Xfinity in Boston for the new Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and got to play with some fans, which was awesome. I definitely recommend checking out Black Ops 4 to anyone who loves FPS shooters. Its intense!

The games are really fast too. So when Robyn is yelling up the stairs that its time for dinner, I know that I can play one more and then go down to eat. She wont get too mad.

Sometimes when shes ready for me to be done, shell bring the girls in. There was a thing that went viral where I was streaming for HyperX and she brought Charlie in, which was pretty funny.


Thats one of her favorite ways of reminding me that Im a dad—just bringing one of the girls up and drops them on my lap like, "Hey. You have a couple of kids here. Its time to get off!"

It works pretty well, I have to say. They will sit there and watch, and they are actually pretty entertained for five minutes. But then they just go ham on the keyboard, and theres no playing after that.